The internet is jam packed with do it yourselfers blogging their latest projects and ideas, sharing tips and tricks with the masses. A person just has to type in DIY ___________ (fill in the blank) on Pinterest and a zillion pins will pop up, almost all of them connecting to one blog or another. Some just share pictures and inspiration, others give step by step directions. Being a Pinterest connoisseur myself, I have explored many a do it yourself blog. I love these blogs. They are an excellent resource and I am all for them. 

Not just another DIY blog

So who are we? Well we are not just another do it yourself blog. In many ways we are, as you will see, but there’s a little more to us than that. 

Being new homeowners, my husband and I are working room by room to update and give character to our home. Some rooms are complete or almost complete (we basically have 12 projects going at once) and I will share those projects as well as my current and future projects with you. 

We also have a small business on Etsy that we will also be featuring on this blog. Our business, Sweet Potato Studios (also our blog name), was launched on Etsy earlier this year. We are still in the very early workings and have a few ideas up our sleeves when it comes to inventory, but we currently sell beautiful antiques – some refurbished, some left as is. We will be featuring our shop items for you to check out, along with our home projects.

Sweet Potato Studios

My husband and I are teachers, and we are both creative people. One of my favorite things is decorating and finding something old and lack-luster and bringing it back to its former glory. Our home is slowly filling with furniture that my husband and I have refinished. After our first few projects, we realized that our hobby could be profitable. 

As, I mentioned above, we are in the early stages of our business. Our inventory is low, and our customer base is unimpressive. We are still figuring out how it all works, but we are making progress. We are truly committed to providing home decor that is beautiful. There is not a piece in our shop that we wouldn’t put into our own home. 

I know that last sentence doesn’t mean anything to you because you have no idea what I would put in my home. For all you know we have giant pink flowers painted on our walls. So here is a little taste of some items that are in our shop…

White Gooseneck Desk Lamp
Oversized Vintage Basket
Industrial Light Cages
Large Light Bulb
 We are working to build inventory, but if you like what you see please check us at at
Stay tuned for our next post, featuring some home projects that we have been working on!

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